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Just over one year ago, on a Very Important Birthday (one that ends in a zero), I had an epiphany.  I realized that after 10 years of experimentation, I was  ready to show my art to a wider audience than just my family and a few close friends.


During 2016 I have made great advances in promoting my art, and seeing myself as an artist.  The first step in this direction was being accepted by ACCI Gallery (http://accigallery.com)  in Berkeley, CA, and the second step was the year-long development of my art website.


 I am very pleased and proud to announce that this website is now officially up and running.  I hope you will have a look through it. 

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Thank you in advance if you have the time and inclination to give me feedback on any of the above, especially if something seems awkward to use, or if you feel it is unclear how the site works, etc.  All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

If you know of someone who may be interested in my art, please pass this link onwards: 


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Yours in Art,


Claudia Caughren

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