How to Use this Website 

Overview of my Website


My website consists of 2 parts.

The first part, the Home page consists of sections pertaining to general information and procedures.

The second part consists of a variety of pages relating to more specific information. There you will find the galleries, slideshows, blog and shopping pages.

Each part has its own menu, but some options will appear on both menus.

To View my Art


There are 2 ways to browse through my artworks: by Galleries or Slideshows. These are accessed either by the icons on the Home page, or via the menu on the secondary page.


Galleries present an image list, and the fastest way of viewing my art: this is the best way if you are looking for a specific image you have seen before, or to quickly look at either my Digital Art, or my Photography, or if you have  an especially slow connection.


Slideshows allow viewing in a more leisurely fashion. I offer you multiple ways of viewing these slideshow

You can see Digital Art or Photography slideshows.

If you are interested in seeing the scope of my artwork, you should look at the All My Art Slideshow, which shows everything on the website, in a constantly random order.

(The art in the other slideshows and galleries is presented in roughly chronological order, from newest to oldest.)

You can can also view slideshows by physical format: by vertical or horizontal orientation, or square-shaped art. This option is useful especially if you are looking for a piece of art to hang in a particular space in a room. (Please note that the distinction between these is somewhat arbitrary. Often these prints may be hung in other directions as well.)

Finally, you can create a Wishlist of images you particularly like. This will let you easily compare your favorite images in the future.

Sit back and enjoy!

To Buy my Art


The DETAILS PAGE for any specific artwork can be reached by clicking on its picture on any of the Gallery or Slideshow pages. You will then be shown more information for that particular artwork, specifically for prices, shipping, etc.

Here are the steps for purchasing artwork:

Once you are on the image’s detail page (see above) you need to specify whether you wish to purchase the artwork as greeting cards or as a Fine Art Print.

If you have selected greeting cards, you then go to Add to Cart.

For a Fine Art Print, you need to choose a Print Size, and a Print Surface. Pricing is set by image and mat size, so the Print Size selector will also show you the price for each. There are several papers to choose from. See the Print Surface section for the current selection.

Then you can Add to Cart.

To Use your WishList


When you are on the DETAILS PAGE for an image you will be able to add the image to your Wishlist. You can do this and keep a wishlist even if you do not have an ImAllArt account. This will allow yourself to easily save and compare images that you may be especially interested in.

To Contact Me


Please email me by using the provided form. This can also be done via Connect… on any menu, and from strategic places throughout the site.