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All About Me

I produce Fine Art prints from my original artwork which is based upon photography that I have taken over more than 20 years. The technique I use is one I have personally developed during the past decade. Using Photoshop, I layer multiple images (always many layers and sometimes up to 10 distinct photos) concurrent with heavy color manipulation. My process is generally very time-intensive, and it is not uncommon to spend 30 to 40 hours before I feel that an image is finished. The resulting artwork is unique. My strength as an artist is in my feeling for color, and that joyous emotion is apparent in my art. My bold and beautiful artwork will uplift any environment, and gladden the heart of anyone who sees it.

I am a member of the ACCI  Gallery in Berkeley, California

What Is a Fine Art Print?

An art print is NOT a unique work of art such as a painting or a sculpture. It is a REPRODUCTION of an original work of art. The original may be a painting done in oils or acrylics or watercolor, etc. The original may also have been done as a digital work of art on a computer screen. The art print lies in the middle ground between the possibly unattainable expense of owing an original work of art, and the ubiquity and poor quality of mass-reproduced art. A Fine Art Print will express your individual taste and preferences, while at the same time be eminently affordable. And if it is truly a FINE ART print, a great deal of care will have gone into its production, and it will be a thing of beauty and permanence.

In order to get good value from your art investment, however high or low it may be, it is useful to consider several factors. The first is to ensure the authenticity of the work, and then to consider the physical characteristics of the work, specifically the papers and inks used.

Many contemporary art prints are now processed with inkjet processing which is superior to traditional lithography in many ways, including color vibrancy and longevity. Because inkjet processing is relatively new, various terms have arisen to describe art prints processed this way. Giclee, archival pigment print, digital print, inkjet print. These are different terms for the same printing process. What distinguishes a Fine Art Print is the quality of the materials used in its production.

Please see my Certificate of Authenticity for guarantees of the physical materials and processes I use.

Privacy and Security

For many years I made my living as an IT professional involved in the development of large computer systems, and I have an ingrained understanding of the importance of data protection. To this end, I have included many layers of security on my website. Among other things, I have active SSL Certificates. This encrypts your data when it is being transferred between your computer and my server (you can recognize a SSL connection because the web address will start with https instead of just http.) SSL is enforced on my Connections and Checkout pages; it is not needed on my other webpages, and would unnecessarily slow down loading of those pages, especially the image-rich galleries and slideshows,

I have also implemented various anti-hacking and anti-spam procedures to protect the safety of your data while residing on my server. Also the only data of yours that I potentially have access to are your name and address, phone number, and email address. I do not ever see or store your sensitive financial data. Payments are processed by 3rd party services like PayPal, which provide much better security than I ever could.

And finally, not only is your information safe with me, but I respect your privacy. I will NEVER share your data with another party.

My Customized Artwork

Stuff about customization to go here.

Image Quality

Without going into a lot of detail, let me tell you that what you see on a computer screen is not always what you end up with, or started off with. Images are manipuated by software right, left, and center, in order to fit in with the demands of the moment. It may be upsized for one requirement, and then downsized for the next, losing bits of data at every step of the way. For various reasons, I do not upload, and so you do not see, a version of my artwork in its full resolution and detail.

However, when I print your artwork, I will be using the original image at its full resolution, and your Fine Art Print will be sharper, it will be more nuanced, and more beautiful.

Furthermore, color will vary wildly from one monitor to another. Probably the image colors will be somewhat misleading when seen on your screen, Think what happens when you see multiple tvs in a showroom. The monitor on my computer is carefully calibrated with my printer, and almost perfectly replicates what is on my screen. And I pay great attention to making my colors as beautiful as they can be.

This means that while your screen and your Fine Art Print may differ somewhat, the more beautiful colors will be on your Fine Art Print.

Image Copyright

We have become so accustomed to downloading information from all the wonderful resources available to us on the internet that many times we fail to remember, or maybe we never thought about it, that not everything on the internet is free for the taking. Intellectual property has copyright protection. Of course, I am especially interested in images of artwork as intellectual property, but the protection also extends to audio files, video files, essays and articles such as blogs, ETC.

The creator of each of these has protection under the law to exclusive use of their own work. This means that it is theft to use such content without the consent of its creator, either by a financial arrangement or written consent.

I claim all my rights to the artwork on this website. I am the sole creator of every aspect of my work, and I will protect my legal interests. If you wish to use my artwork in some way please contact me to get my written consent.

Money-back Guarantee

If you like my artwork and would like to own a print of it, it is my mission to provide you with a product that will make you happy. It will be my pleasure to share my vision with you.

If, however, you are not delighted with your Fine Art Print, please return it to me in its original condition and within 7 days of receipt, and I will refund the full cost that you paid for the print. You will have to pay only for the return postage.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each Fine Art Print that I sell will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which will be signed by the Artist (myself), and will provide the following details: The Title of the Artwork, the dimensions of the Artwork, the name of the paper and inks with which the Artwork is printed, the Artist's website address, and a thumbnail image of the relevant artwork.

I am committed to using the highest quality materials available. In particular, I use only fine art pigment inks which have an estimated lifetime without fading of more than 100 years. (Commonly available and cheaper dye inks may fade within only 10 years.) Also, my current printer uses 11 color cartridges to produce the variations in color which I believe are essential to my artwork. The number of inks available to the printer is directly related to the vibrancy and range of the colors that can be reproduced. (Commonly-available photo printers may have anywhere from 2 to 5 color cartridges, and the lithography process uses 4 colors only.) Finally, I use only acid-free papers which I know to produce a beautiful result and also ensure longevity.

I guarantee to you that I will be using the highest-quality materials and processes to produce your artwork.

In fact, the very same I use to produce Fine Art Prints for myself.


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